Friday, January 9, 2009

I can't wait... get my hands on these:

DTA eagle necklace and lace tags. Love it.

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Tasty Treat

For those of you who aren't quite acquainted with the delightful taste of Skittles Vodka, I thought I'd post up the simple recipe on how to create this concoction. Never heard of it? Here's the main idea- Skittles vodka is made by dissolving some Skittles in a bottle of vodka then straining it and freezing. You can use it for shots or mix it with whatever you might like. So let's begin...

Things You'll Need Pt. 1:

750ml bottle of vodka
16oz bag of Skittles
2 bowls
Measuring cup

1. Empty out some of the vodka into a measuring cup so that you'll have room for the Skittles in the bottle. You'll need to take out between one to 1 1/2 cups. Set the vodka aside.

2. Open the bag of Skittles and pour into a bowl. You'll want to pull out all of the green and purple Skittles and place them into another bowl. Why you ask? Adding those two colors will turn the vodka an ugly, unappetizing color and let's face it- nobody wants to take a shot of something that looks like shit, right?

3. Add all the yellow, red and orange Skittles into the bottle of vodka.

4. SHAKE! How much do you need to shake? If you're needing this right away you'll need to do A LOT of shaking. The more you shake the faster the Skittles dissolve. If you've got a 4 or 5 days before you'll need it to be ready, you really don't need to shake it that often, it will eventually break down on its own.

5. Wait. Yep, wait. You can't move on to the next step until all the Skittles are dissolved so go find something else to do. Or shake the bottle again...

Things You'll Need Pt. 2:

Good sized pot
Small hand held strainer
Coffee filters

6. Once all the Skittles have dissolved, it's time to strain. You may be wondering why you have to strain the vodka. Look at the top of the vodka. See all that stuff floating? I lied. It doesn't all dissolve. Even though all the Skittles are gone from the bottom of the bottle you still have to get rid of all the floaties at the top. The easiest way I've found to do this is by placing a hand held strainer over the top of a pot, then placing a coffee filter in the strainer and pouring a little bit of vodka in. Confused? Check out the picture:

7. Next you'll need to grab the filter out of the strainer and gather the top. Hold on to the top with one hand and gently twist with the other. Just a warning, doing this gets the vodka on your hands, which is now colored by the food dye of the Skittles. Your hands may or may not have a slight red tint to them for a little bit(insert "caught red-handed" joke here). This is nothing that a few washes can't get rid of but a heads up nonetheless.

8. RINSE! Once you strain all of the vodka out of the bottle and into the pan you'll need to rinse out the bottle to get rid of any remaining pieces of Skittles in the bottle. Set the bottle upside down and let any remaining water drain out.

9. REPEAT! Place a funnel into the top of the bottle and repeat the straining method listed above by using the ladle to scoop the vodka out of the pot. Hold the coffee filter over the funnel and strain the vodka back into the bottle.

Once you're finished straining, stick the bottle into the freezer to chill. You're done! While you can never go wrong with a shot of Skittles vodka, it also tastes great mixed into a glass of 7up or Sprite. Got another drink recipe using Skittles vodka? Leave a comment!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Shout Outs and Props!

A HUGE thanks to Crou$e over at The Wild Ones - Texas for the nice package I received a few days back, and while I'm on the subject, check out the boys in The Wild Ones - Texas holdin' it down. This is hands down THE BEST Wild Ones video i've see in I don't know how long. I love how the skating is thrown up in the mix. It's also nice to see some acrylics in use. Awesome job y'all!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


A big thanks to Matt over at xWEDx and Jon over at DSTROYR for the hook ups!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So over at the DSTROYR blog, Jon just posted about the white vinyl stickers he first talked about a few weeks ago. They'll be available this Friday at Outlaw Swapmeet. I can't wait to get my hands on one! I really regret not getting one back in the day when Famous sold 'em on their site, but that's a lesson learned- I won't sleep on these!


That's right! All that shit that was on here before is gooooooone! It's time for a fresh start. From now on, I'll be posting about things that interest me. The stuff that I follow on a daily basis. I hope you like what's in store, but if not...find something else to read!